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I had splashed hot oil on one of my favourite Fleecey Hoodies. I was gutted! Oil melted bits all over the front. It had sat in my wardrobe for a few years as I couldn't bring myself to throw it out. Then we had a family reunion down in the South Island in the middle of winter and my new baby (6 months at the time) didn't have enough warm clothes to keep him snuggly in the snow.

My Mum had sent me a few old retro patterns that she had kept from when we were kids, thinking the overall one might work for covering my little Tigger up. This one was Knitwit pattern 6200 with child's overalls, dress and knit top.
Unfortunately it was only in sizes age 1-6, so I had to be a bit creative with the sizing.

I used the sleeves of the hoodie to make the legs so I didn't have to hem the leg cuffs, and ended up having to lengthen the torso for my little guy by adding another panel front and back.
This was also my very first time doing button holes! (I am very proud of myself).

Sorry there is no step by step on how I did this but I will try to take more photos in the future. 

He is still fitting the overalls now at 10 months. I'm trying to get lots of use out of them before it gets too hot. It was 27 deg C yesterday!

Below is a shot of my Step mum in her Hoodie (we matched as we both loved it so much!) and Tigger in the finished overalls.



11/03/2012 2:27am

Congratulations Lisa..........welcome to a life-long-love-affair of making things fantastic! It's soooo rewarding to be able to "whip" something up on a shoe string.

Julie Eagle
11/03/2012 1:34pm

yes welldone Lisa - it is satisfying to be recycling and making useful things!

11/11/2012 10:40am

Clever overalls!! They are so comfy looking and your son is sweet!

11/11/2012 11:05am

Thanks Sara, He has lived in them for about 6months!! I think he's so sweet too ( but I'm very biased)

11/12/2012 2:53am

Fabulous job on refashioning your sweater into some great looking overalls and a clever idea to use the sleeves as legs. Well done on your first buttonholes!!!

11/12/2012 2:20pm

Thanks Pam - I'm trying new things all the time - will have to try a blind hem soon, I think I have a machine foot to do it. All this learning is fun


This is such a great idea! The overalls are adorable. Thanks for linking up! I can't wait to see what you link up this week!

11/13/2012 3:24pm

Thanks Alexis - I am looking forward to it. I am loving learning about linking up and partying with you all!

11/14/2012 12:41pm

I love this idea! Way to upcycle something! :)

11/14/2012 2:07pm

Thanks Erin - I hate throwing out clothes now, they are all turning into something else!

01/18/2013 1:47pm

now this is true creativity!
Thanks for linking up to the oldies party this week--the new party will be live on Monday night.


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