For Mouse's Party we needed some jet packs to finish the boys Rocket Man Outfits.
I got this idea from many similar ones on Pinterest.
For each of  the Jet packs I used

 -2x 750ml plastic drink bottles - for Tiggers one's they were about  

- Rectangle of cardboard cut from a vege box.

- elastic about 5mm wide and 50cm long cut into 2 pieces.

- Silver water based paint.

- Orange crepe paper

- glue

To make the jet packs I painted the bottles, cardboard and elastic silver.

I punched some holes on each corner of the cardboard with a hole punch.

I then threaded the elastic through the holes and tied them to make arm bands.

I then glued the bottles onto the cardboard. I used PVA which wasn't strong enough. Maybe a hot glue gun would be better or super glue?

I then cut flames into the crepe paper and rolled them up and glued them into the bottle mouth holes.

A bit of drying and they were finished and cost me only a few dollars for the paint as everything else w

You can see the finished birthday outfit below and Mouse and Tigger just loved them.



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