If you have a preschooler anything like Mouse, you will know that 2 year olds create a lot of art! We have big rolls of the stuff that we bring back from playgroup week after week.

It seems a shame to chuck it out after so much creative energy has gone into making it. But sometimes the art drawer is full to overflowing!

So I decided to save some for our walls and for the grandparents to keep.

I got a 9 pack of square box canvases and painted them black with acrylic paint.

The ones I used were 10cm x10cm on 3.5cm deep.

Then I found some great art Mouse had done on black paper and cut it out to match the 10cm x10cm top of the canvas block and stuck it down carefully with PVA glue.

They turned out really well and I'm sure you could paint the canvas boxes different colours 



11/28/2012 7:31am

I love this idea. I may have to use it to decorate christmas present boxes. Thank you

11/28/2012 10:40am

Thanks Becky - I love seeing my littlies art around the house


Very cool, what a great way to make a little gift box and keep great artwork! Stopping by from Pincushion Creations!

11/28/2012 3:33pm

Thanks Jessi - the grandparents love them


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