I had a problem! My Performance Choir group (see our website) had decided that we needed to up the classiness of our outfits. Before we were just wearing Black t- shirts with our group logo on it. But now we had to all be wearing black long sleeves and be in dresses that we could wear to a wedding. Oh help!

I had no tops and no extra cash to go and get one for the performance that weekend. So luckily I came across this great tutorial to turn a simple top into a shrug. 

So I found a basic long sleeve Merino wool top that had stretched a bit from wearing when I was pregnant with Mouse and set to it.
Basically you cut down the front of the top and then fold over the cut edge about 2cm and sew it down to make a tunnel you can thread ribbon through.

I was in such a rush to have this ready I just hand sewed the hem down, as it only had to last 20 minutes for the performance.

Afterwards I decided I liked the look so I unpicked my hand stitches and over locked the cut edge.

Then  I straight stitched the hem down with my sewing machine.

I used about 2 metres of 5mm black statin ribbon that I thread through the seam tunnel using a safety pin.

Tied it up in a bow in the front and I was set to go sing.

I used this for performing all winter and I think it looks much dressier than a plain top and shows off any nice dress I wear underneath.

Super quick and easy to do and I will try on other tops in the future too I think.



03/15/2013 11:39pm

A great refashion and an excellent way to add long sleeves to your outfit.


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