Its been awhile since I last blogged but I have been very busy creating a lot of things. More info to come on that in another blog post!!

One thing that kept us busy is that my big boy Mouse turned THREE!
He has wanted a space theme for some time so I thought I could make some rocket t-shirts for him and Tigger to wear to the party.

My wonderful in-laws have been digging out old shirts and tees for me to use and I happened to find an awesome grey t-shirt form 1998! It was XL and used to be mine. I must have got my brothers one by mistake I think!
So I turned One big shirt into two little ones with Rocket ship Appliques on them.
Mum sent me this great pattern from the early 80s.

It has a shirt, pants, jersey and shorts all in one.

It is fantastic and so retro. I love it!!

I didn't want the print on the t-shirt so I used the inside non printed sides for cutting out my patterns.

I got enough material from the big tee to make a size 1 and a size 3 short sleeve shirts!

For Tiggers one I had to do the front and back pieces in halves but was able to sew the pieces together to make a whole front and back section.

Then I found alot of scrap material to make my rockets.

I used Blue t-shirt material fro the rocket body.

Red t-shirt material for the flames and white fluffy material for the rocket windows.

I then found some sticky transfer iron on paper to get all the bits to sew together.  This turned into a disaster as the white fluffy material melted onto the iron!!

So I ended up just pinning those bits on before sewing them.

I sewed the Rockets on just with a simple straight stitch. I have done it properly before with tiny zig zag stitch but I wanted this to be quick and simple.

Mouse had a fantastic party and a great time with his rocket t-shirt.

I think they turned out great and for my first t-shirts and will be making some more soon with all these shirts I have in my stash



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