For Mouse's First Birthday we had a Pirate theme as we had some buried treasure to dig up.

We have some French friends who have a tradition that for their hens/stags party they would get all their friends over with a bottle of wine and bury it somewhere in a large box/coffin. It was to symbolise the death of their single lives. 

Then when their first child was born they would dig up the wine filled box and have a big party to celebrate the new life!

We did this when we had our house warming and what with being so tired from a new baby - (and it being the middle of winter) we decided to dig up our "treasure" a little later on his first birthday.

So for the pirate party,  a pirate ship cake it was.....

I started with a large chocolate cake that I baked in a rectangle roasting tray.

This one from Annabel Langbein is awesome and very easy.

It does make a huge cake!

Then I cut it in half and then cut two squares shape for the front and back of the ship.
I then shaped the front 2 levels to make a pointy bowsprit.

I then iced the whole cake with chocolate butter cream icing.

I used a recipe similar to this one.

Then it was decorating time!!!

I used chocolate filled raspberry and black liquorice cut to make the cannons.

Then chocolate fingers for floor boards and bowsprit.

To make it more colourful I used M&Ms to edge the top and then  made the masts out of BBQ skewers.

The Sails were just plain A4 paper cut to shape with skull and cross bones on the back.

I would have used black paper but I ran out of time.

My Friend luckily had some Little People Pirates to add the finishing touch.

Mouse did enjoy it ...
Not that you can really tell from this photo!



Wow this is amazing! What an awesome cake!

11/20/2012 4:10pm

Thanks Alexis - It tasted great too which is always important! Yum Chocolate!!!


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