I found a awesome red maternity merino top hiding in my wardrobe that I hadn't worn in about a year.
It was a bit stretched from my big preggy belly with Tigger, but still in great nick.

I also thought it would brighten up my spring wardrobe, but decided I needed more cardigans than pullover tops.

So out came the scissors....

I chopped a straight line down the front and over-locked the edges.

I then turned the edge over twice and top stitched it down with red thread.

Then I hand sewed red buttons on the right side about 5 cm apart.

I didn't bother doing button holes as I wanted to keep the cardigan open - maybe I'll do them at a later stage.

These photos make it look pinker than it really is - Its bright firetruck red!

This refashion cost me nothing as I already had the buttons.

I have already worn this top so much more as a cardigan. It has been great to throw over t -shirts and singlets. 

I have also worn it with a belt, which dresses it up a bit.



01/03/2013 5:13am

Cardigans are definitely more versatile than sweaters. An easy, but effective refashion.


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