A lovely work colleague gave me this light cotton dress to have when I was pregnant with Mouse.
It was lovely and cool to wear during the Hawkes Bay summer, but then the belly got too big and I was worried I would stretch it too much.

It did end up getting all out of shape, so I haven't worn it in about 2 years!

As you can see from the before picture I unpicked the top bit from the skirt.
I then over locked the top of the skirt and folded it down about 5 cm. I sewed a straight line around the top to make a tunnel with about 5 cm gap at the back

I then threaded some 2 cm wide elastic through the gap with a safety pin and sewed it shut.

I think I have worn this skirt about 10 times already, which is about a 100% improvement to it gathering dust in my wardrobe. I think it could be made to be a bit more fitting, but it is super comfy.

I still have the top bits and straps which I'll have to find something to do with.
Any ideas?



01/03/2013 5:06am

It's great to give new life to unused clothes. Well done!!!

02/05/2013 9:06am

What a great idea! I, too, have several dresses hanging in the back of my closet that no longer fit right but are too nice to just get rid of. I'll have to try this out! Great idea! Bookmarking this page.

02/08/2013 1:33pm

Amazing transformation! And, thanks for linking up at the oldies party last week. I am pinning this!


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