We had a wonderful couple of years when lots of our gorgeous friends got married. I ended up with a lot of dresses suitable to be a wedding guest that have been sitting in my wardrobe unused and unloved. 
There doesn't seem to be many occasions to wear a pretty frock when you are surrounded by play dough and finger paint every day.
I thought that perhaps I would wear this pretty aqua dress more as a skirt. 
Also while looking through Pinterest  there seems to be a trend for flowy skirts at the moment. 

So firstly I unpicked the bodice from the skirt. I'm going to save that for something else I think.

It was all a bit rough at the top so I over locked the seam.

Then I turned down the top hem about 5 cm and stitched around the top, making a tube.

I then thread  some elastic through the tube with a safety pin, and stitched the hole shut.

This has made the skirt about knee length now and is super comfortable and airy. It feels great even on a hot sticky day. The only problems I had was dealing with the satin type fabric at the front of the skirt as it was very slippery to sew with, but it still turned out alright in the end.

I really like how it turned out and have worn the skirt heaps.
Also have had lovely comments every time I have worn it.



12/06/2012 3:30pm

Great idea and thank you for sharing. I stopped by from Sew much ado linky ;)

12/06/2012 3:51pm

Thanks heaps I'm still learning but get inspired by you all

01/03/2013 4:59am

The skirt is much more practical if you have kids. You've done a great job!!!

05/17/2013 11:53am

Hi Lisa,
I love the colour and the look of the fabric. I can well understand why you would want to refashion it into something you can wear more.

Thank you for sharing this refashion on the Refashion Co-op :-)
I would be ever so grateful if you would help me build an awesome resource for dress refashions by sharing your <a href="http://www.roued.com/the-best-dress-refashion-tutorials">dress refashion tutorials here</a> and your fab <a href="http://refashionco-op.blogspot.de/2013/05/all-your-dress-refashions.html">dress refashions here!</a>

xx Eddie

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