Tigger was a much more dribbly baby than Mouse ever was.

My Brother in Law had got us these really cool Star Wars Dribble bibs that he found in Wellington, But two were not enough!!

Tigger was getting them drool soaked by 10am.

So I thought I'd give it a go at making some.

I traced around the shape of the original bib leaving a 5 mm sewing allowance.

The original bib had cotton on the outside and toweling/fleece on the back.

I then cut out the shape on some cool stars, and fish material I found, some denim looking fabric from an old pair of maternity pants I had, and also some blue toweling fabric.
I sewed the patterned fabric and toweling fabric right sides together, leaving a small gap on one of the edges.

Then I turned it inside out through that hole so right sides were now on the outside.

I then sewed a very close seam all around the bib and the turning hole making it all neat and flat and closing the hole.

I then stuck on some sticky velcro on the  corners on the bib and sewed it on.

This made the needle very sticky and didn't work very well. I need to find a better way to do velcro!! Any hints???
Otherwise next time I might do non sticky velcro and just take my time sewing.

I did about six of these and was super happy on how they turned out, and Tigger's clothes stopped getting so wet, which was great.

Now he has stopped dribbling even though he is teething so thinking about just using these for food bibs from now on.



11/14/2012 1:19pm

Use snaps instead of velcro. The velcro collects stuff in the wash and looses it's stick. I have a snap press which I bought from greenbeans.co.nz it was on sale for about $35. A bit of an unnecessary extravagance but so handy for putting snaps on bibs, clothes and in the future I'll use it when making my own nappies. Otherwise you can use the metal ones that you hammer on.

01/03/2013 8:20am

Thanks Kaylie for the tip. Have some metal ones that are a bit of a pain to hammer - I keep on bending them so may have to find a snap press I think!

01/03/2013 5:23am

You can never have too many bibs. Tigger looks so cute in his new bib.

01/29/2013 4:04pm

I love these bibs. I have drooler too! (He's actually an acid reflux baby. I'm pinning them to see if I could figure out something similar.

01/29/2013 5:13pm

Thanks Emily - these have been really useful and were very easy to make, but definately better with snaps than velcro as the velcro got all yucky after a while.


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