Tigger is a very messy eater. I think he just like to experiment on how much food he can get everywhere apart from his mouth. Therefore all his bibs were smeared and stained and I needed some new ones.
I had some left over toweling fabric and some waterproof material in my scrap pile that I thought could get used up.
For this project I used....

Toweling fabric
Waterproof plastic fabric
Thread on overlocker
Metal snaps with hammer to attach
Old bib to use for shape

Firstly I traced around an old bib to get the right shape onto a piece of paper.

The bigger the better for Tigger!

I then cut out the shape and cut out one piece of the toweling fabric and one of the plastic fabric.

I then pinned them together.

Then over locked the edges together.

Then I used my hammer to attach the metal snaps to the neck of the bib.

This took me about 30 minutes to do and cost me nothing to make as the material was scrap left overs and my Nana had given me the metal snaps.

I could have done it neater and have matching overlocking thread but I needed these quickly and managed to get 3 bibs out of the material I had.

So really happy how these turned out and will be making some more when Tigger trashes these!



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