I found some what I thought were some lovely dresses online a few years ago. They fitted my top half fine but must have been made for people with no shame, as they hardly covered my nether regions. So they ended up in my wardrobe unloved.

I loved the colour of this aqua strapless dress, and was wearing it as a skirt for a while until I noticed the frilly hem was falling off.

I think I could have sewed it back on but decided those frills had never been my style anyway.

So I unpicked them off with my trusty unpicker.

The edge of the unpicked seam was still in good overlocked condition so I just turned up the edge and sewed it down with matching thread.

Now I love wearing it as it is definitely a top length, not a dress, so hopefully will get some more wear out of it this hot summer!

When I had Mouse I splurged and got some great breastfeeding tops that I thought looked fantastic. Unfortunately I forgot that long sleeve tops tend to annoy me and I constantly end up pushing or pulling at the sleeve all day. So the sleeves of this top had to go. 

I was being in a rush so instead of carefully un picking the sleeves I just chopped them off with my scissors.

I then overlocked the rough edges and folded them over and stitched them down with matching thread.

I love my new singlet and wear it all the time now.

Just have to find something to do with all the material left from  those pesky sleeves now

I love it when I find a few tops in my old clothes stash that colours match.
 I have had this funky hooded green tunic for about five years and have worn it to death.

As you can see it had some really attractive holes right in the front, for all to see.

But the rest of it was in really good condition and I couldn't bear to throw it out.

I also found this great green t-shirt that my husband got years ago that had been given to his brother and came back to us with some interesting stains from darkest India.

Nothing dodgy apparently!

The colours were so good together I thought I should be able to fix my tunic up a bit.

I found this great tutorial on Pinterest that I thought could work by adding a pocket to the front


I got a bit of A4 paper and folded it in half.

Then traced around the edge of a side plate to get a curve for  the pocket holes.

I then cut the curve out and it looked like the photo to the left.

You can see the couple of attempts it took me to get the shape I liked!

I then placed the shape onto my tunic top to see if I liked it and altered the pocket shape til it looked right.


I then used the pocket pattern to cut out a double layer thickness on the green t-shirt.

I pinned the 2 pieces together and overlocked it together with a small gap at the top to turn it inside out to put the seams inside.

I made sure no stains were visible on the side that was going to be on the outside of the pocket!

I then stitched the pocket on along the top, making sure my turning hole was stitched as well.

Also along the sides and bottom making sure the hand holes were open.

I am so glad I got to reuse the old t-shirt into making my tunic wearable again. And the pocket had been great for putting my keys in when carrying the kids.

Mouse wanted to have a special cake for Tigger's Cookie Monster 1st birthday. So we decided to make some Elmo inspired vanilla cupcakes to compliment the big chocolate Cookie Monster Cake. The Elmo cupcakes would also match Mouse's Elmo hood costume for the party.
My lovely brother and niece made the cupcakes for me using this recipe. We halved the recipe to make only 12 cupcakes as we had so much cake with the big cake as well!

We then iced the cupcakes with butter cream icing. Recipe here.
We tinted the icing slightly red with food colouring.
Then dipped the cupcakes into red sprinkles.

To make Elmo's cute features I used.
White chocolate melts for eyes with a little dark chocolate dabbed on to make the iris.
Sugared jubes for his nose.
Mini oreos for his mouth (I think big ones would work too).

These tasted amazing and Mouse was super happy to get his own cakes. Check out the b